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    • We provide catering delivery from 25 pax and above.Food will be delivered in disposable containers.
    • Disposable spoons/forks/plates/serviettes and trash bags will be also be provided.
    • Delivery charges of $30 to $80 (depending on area & time) will be applicable.
    • Late night charges are applicable for extensions after 10pm
    • Setup charges of $150 will apply if Buffet setup is required .
    • All above rates are subject to 7%  g.s.t.  Rates are subject to change without notice.
    • Service staff, at  $ 50 per Server $90 per Barman (for 3 hours only)
    • # Additional charges : Server $15 + per hour per staff   Barman $30 + per hour per staff (min 3 hours)
    •  Labour & service charge for events that require set-up for more than 100 Pax is chargeable on a case to case basis.
    • We provide Tandoor and chef at $250.00 for a maximum of 3 hours. The Tandoor is heavy and emits heat and smoke. Should you  require the Tandoor and chef on site, you will be responsible for allocating a space that will allow Tandoor and chef to operate without breaking any venue rules or causing inconvenience to anyone.
    • An additional charge of $50 will apply if there is no lift landing on the same level as the function venue. Maximum 2 floors.
    • If the carrying of the buffet items (tables, food, warmer sets, etc) exceeds two floors, an additional $20 will be charged for every floor thereafter.
    • Additional Tables charged at $20 per piece, chairs at   $5 per piece
    • Melamine plates, bowls stainless steel cutleries are available upon request at $2.50/set.
    • Chinaware plates, bowls stainless steel cutleries and proper glass available at $3.50/set.
    • Breakages or missing items are charged at $10 per item. (You are advised to hire one waiter to ensure accountability of plates, cutleries and glasses)
    • Catering duration: We advise our customers to consume all the food within 3 hours after buffet commences and do not encourage the packing of food. This is in line with the National Environment Agency’s guidelines. Note: Food left in the open will deteriorate in quality over time.
    • Any order must  be made or finalized 4 days before the date of the event. Any changes should be finalized 48 hours before. Changes made within the 24 hours are liable for additional charges. This includes any changes in the number of pax, change of dishes or venue.
    • Buffet set-up will be cleared 4 hours after the ‘ready-to-consume’ time (NEA’s regulation).We will not be responsible for the food quality after the ‘to-be-consumed time’.
    • No physical or verbal abuse to our staff will be tolerated, The customer must speak to the Manager in event of any dispute to settle matters amicably with minimal disruption to event
    • Please refer to Event Order for customised details regarding your event
    • The Management reserves the right to amend the policies, menus, prices, terms and conditions without prior notice
    • Customer takes full responsibility for conduct of all persons in attendance at the event and will be responsible for any loss/ damages incurred during event by his/her guests
    • Our food portion per person is measured by an average adult serving size and food portions will be based on that, however   some guests may indulge in a 2nd or 3rd helping, this is beyond our control and must be taken into your account when ordering.



    • Mode of payment: CASH /Cheque. (*to be received in full 5 DAYS prior to event)
    • Payment has to be made upon delivery of food. You can pay by Cash only.
    • If Cheque payment is desired your cheque should reach us5 days prior to event and should be made payable to:
    • ‘TheSong of India Pte Ltd." An invoice will be given on the spot or sent to you via post upon request.
    • Deposit of 50% or $500 whichever is higher is required for confirmation prior to event.
    • On cancellation of event; deposit will not be refunded, but can be used for a postponed date.
    • Cancellation charges of $200 will be deducted if event cancelled after paying the advance or if the notice is less than 14 days
    •  Changes to the event communicated less than 24 hours before the event maybe liable for additional charges.
    • Payment cheque should be addressed to " TheSong of India Pte Ltd"